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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Hey everyone!

So I wanted to do this post about MsCuppyCakes.com, as I ordered from then ages ago, approx 6-8 months and it has really been an ongoing struggle. Now before I start, I would like to say that I am not trying to bash the website or any of the people that run it, I just think that people deserve to hear the good and the bad about things. Unfortunately, my experience was negative.
I received my order about 2 months after I ordered, which I understand because they did say to expect delivery delays. When I got my order, everything looked great, except the nyx daydream of Molokai bronzer (11.00 USD). It wasn't properly packaged at all, and likely had smashed, banging into the other products during delivery. I was really looking forward to this bronzer, and so I decided to contact the customer service and tell them about my broken bronzer. They were very nice and asked that I show them photos of the broken bronzer. I obliged and send them several photos of the bronzer. They then emailed back and said thank you, we will be sending you a new bronzer the next business day. Now I waited 2 months, and still had not received anything, so I emailed them and they had no idea who I was. So I resent all the photos and the details of my order. They then said that they would send me a new replacement again. Another 2 months later and still nothing, this time they did know who I was and said sorry, what was your address again? So I again gave them address and they said they would ship immediately. Well I still have not received a bronzer! I emailed them about a month ago, and said that I give up, they clearly had no intention of ever sending me a new bronzer. Now some of you may think this is silly, and its not worth fighting over 11 dollars, but it wasn't the money its the fact that they didn't follow through and ignored my emails, all the while promising to send me a replacement. This to me is just bad customer service, and I definitely will not be ordering from this website again.

Take from this information what you will, but keep in mind that if they treated me this way, who is to say they wouldn't treat you this way?

Hope this was helpful!

xoxo Meagen

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