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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Makeup Swap!!

Hey Ladies! So right now I am in the process of doing two swaps, one with a girl in Australia, her name is Sophie and her youtube username is snoooflake, she is so sweet and I am having so much fun shopping for her. I am also doing a swap with Amanda from the USA and her youtube username is xoxoamandakisses she is also amazing! So I recommend that you go check both of them out if you havent already! I love doing these swaps, I just wish shipping was cheaper! The prices are actually ridiculous!!!! Oh well, I guess that's how it goes. Anyways, this is just a short update, I am going to try and get 2 videos up by friday, because I am going out of town for the long weekend! So please let me know if you guys have any requests, I am going to be doing a skincare video and possibly a tutorial, I just need to figure out how to do the tutorial without having the mirror in the way :p haha. I also might do a review on the studioline brushes from e.l.f, july favorites and a small haul.

Okay I think that is it for me today! Hope everyone is having a great week! xoxo

Saturday, July 18, 2009

e.l.f. Silver Lining eye makeup look

Hey girls! So today I was just doing a few makeup looks, just messing around with different colours, and I decided to do a look that was used mostly all elf products. I love elf! I am going to be making a video this weekend on my favorite products from elf. So basically this look cost me $4. So really cheap and cute! How can you go wrong?? So I posted pics of the products and the look hope you enjoy! let me know if you have any questions!Have a fabulous weekend!!!

Products used:

elf wet gloss lash and brow clear mascara

elf brightening eye colour in silver lining

elf all over colour stick (base) in lilac petal

elf powder blush in glow

Mascara used: maybelline newyork lash stiletto

~ meagen xoxoxo

Monday, July 13, 2009


Hey guys, so this is just an update on the my life and the clean and clear blackhead eraser. Okay so as far as having less blackheads, I dont think it really does this. It is a great exfoliator and really makes your skin feel squeaky clean, but as for getting rid of blackheads..not so much. So I am glas I got this product on sale for $10CAD I may have been more disappointed if I had payed the full price. So I will keep it and use it once or twice a week as an exfoliator, however at the moment I dont think I will be purchasing anymore of the refill pads. I have lots left so we will see how it goes. Hope that helps, and let me know if any of you have tried this product, or what you think about it.

As for life, I will be purchasing an item or two from the colourcraft collection, so far im really only interested in the colourcrafted lipstick and the naked honey skin salve. I will be making a video on my haul, once i get the package in the mail. I also uploaded my first video yesterday, on the products I can't live without so if you havent gone and checked it out please do! Remember to comment, rate and of course subscribe!

Also, I am really busy these next few weeks with school, I am taking two summer courses and I have an exam every thursday and friday basically...so Im having to really keep up on my studying and reading, more so than normal anyway. Okay so thats all for now ladies, I will post again asap!

Bye for now ~ Meagen

Friday, July 10, 2009

Products I can't live without!

Okay so hollymae20 did a video on this, and I thought it was a really good idea so I thought I would share with you guys, the products that I can't live without. So let's get started!

I almost always do my hair curly or scrunched because my hair is naturally wavy, and straightening it everyday is hard on it. So I use Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Mousse and Aussie Sprunch catch the wave hairspray. The combination of these two products is amazing! I strongly recommend these two products, especially if you have wavy or curly hair. Using these two products I towel dry my hair and then apply the mousse to my hair with my head upside down, scrunching my hair and then I spray the Aussie sprunch on the curls and scrunch again. Then I let my hair air dry and I am left with nicely defined curls.

Marcelle Oil free multi-defense lotion, its a daily moisturizer with spf 15, its just really light and nice to wear daily under makeup.
Roc Dermatologic purif-ac Fast action gel is the best product I have found for treating spots and blemishes, it works really fast too. It is about $20CAD
In terms of facewash I usually use Neutrogena products, right now I am using their Pink Grapefruit facial cleanser and it works good and smells amazing, great for early mornings!

Olay Bodywash and tone enriching ribbons in deep moisture and mineral shimmer gives your body an all over glow and is super moisturizing.
Victoria Secrets Beauty Rush Coconut Craze body drink lotion it smells amazing and leaves your legs silky smooth, literally.

Boing industrial strength concealer in 02 by Benefit. This works really well for full coverage.
Loreal Bare Naturale gentle mineral makeup with spf 19. This is great for summer, its a really light coverage and helps control shine as well.
Hoola bronzer by Benefit
Well dressed powder blush by Mac in well dressed
Maybelline lash stiletto for day and Loreal Carbon black voluminous for nights out.
Gosh waterproof eyeshadow in love that beige its a really nice highlight and eyeshadows stick to it really well, so it can be used as a primer.
Any brow product as my brows are definately unruly! Right now I am using Revlon Brow Fantasy in Dark Blonde. I really like this product and I talked about it in a previous blog.
Lipsticks: I love Gosh Darling lipstick its a wearable nude and is great for everyday. Another great alternative is Revlon super lustrous lipstick creme in 613- Just enough buff. Both are really moisturizing.

In order to wear a nude lip you need smooth exfoliated lips, I picked up this product from shoppers drugmart for $20CAD and its Lise Watier Sensational kiss lip so soft exfoliating balm. This product is great you apply it and then rub your lips together to exfoliate and then the beads disappear and you are left with a gloss on your lips which I normally leave on and apply my lipstick on top of it.

So those are all the products that I can't live without! Let me know if you want any reviews or pictures of the products and I will post them. Also if you have any questions about any of the products dont hesitate to leave a comment.

Thanks guys! bye for now~ meagen

Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 3rd

Hey, so July 3rd is my three year anniversary with my boyfriend. It was so sweet he went to an icecream shop and got me a pint of my favorite icecream (cotton candy) and a dozen roses. To top it off he made me dinner as well. Overall a great day! So I just wanted to post a picture of "The Boyfriend" xoxo

Okay thats it ladies! talk to you soon! ~ Meagen

Friday, July 3, 2009

Update -- In's and out's

Hey, so I just thought I would do a quick post. The Blackhead eraser from clean & clear hasn't really made much of a difference so far, although it does feel like it works right after I use it. It gives that intense tingly sensation and my skin feels so smooth, but sadly I dont think I have any less blackheads. I saw on the Ellen show, that you can use white school glue to remove blackheads so I tried that today, and of course it didn't work. So I will continue with the eraser but I am open to any products or remedies that you guys suggest so please let me know.

- new mac products! I am having so much fun creating different looks.
- Summer! I love the warm weather provided the wind dies down long enough.
- Semester break between spring and summer session!
-Gosh darling lipstick

- Summer session starts July 6th...back to studying
- Windy weather!!
- Snob lipstick by mac, if anyone has any ideas about how to tone the pink color down, let me know.
- When someone invites you over to their place to hang out and then while you are there, random ppl start showing up that you don't know and you are forced to listen to their conversations, those of which you cannot partake in because it happened when you weren't around.

Okay that is it guys! Tell me your in's and out's I love hearing them!
Bye for now ~ Meagen

Monday, June 29, 2009

Mac and Sephora Haul

Hello!!! So I live in Edmonton Ab Canada for those of you who dont know, which is home to the worlds largest mall: West Edmonton Mall. You may be thinking wow, she is lucky, but let me tell you it is almost always overcrowded with tourists :p! I usually don't go there unless I need to go to a specific store that they dont have anywhere else, like Mac or Hollister or some other store like that. Anyways, I managed to spend quite a fair bit of money, but it was definately worth it.

So this was my first trip to a Mac store, and I was very impressed with the customer service. The makeup artists were very helpful, did swatches and showed me different techniques etc... and so of course I will be making another trip in the future! This was my third time to Sephora and I was not really impressed...they had too many people working there I think I was asked about 4 times if I needed help with anything, by 4 different employees. It was also so overcrowded in the store that I could barely get to the Benefit Cosmetics station. Anyways, after waiting in line I paid for my things and I checked the prices and they were actually more money in store than they are on the website. So Mac I will be visiting again, and Sephora I will stick with ordering online in the future.

These are the products that I got:


-217 Brush

-mineralize blush in moon river

-powder blush in well dressed

-creme sheen lipstick in creme d' nude

-frost lipstick in angel

-satin lipstick in snob

-pro color palette x 15

-eyeshadow in wedge, phloof!, espresso, sable, blanc type, jest and all that glitters


-Benefit silky finish lipstick in Good to go (lipstick used on Bella Swan in Twilight)

-Benefit silky finish lipstick in ms. behavin (lipstick used on The Cullens in Twilight)

-Urban decay eyeshadow primer potion

-Sephora by OPI nail colour in Metro Chic

Okay so that was everything that I bought, if you want to know anything else about the products such as how I am liking them, or if you want me to do a review on any of them please let me know!

Thanks guys, Bye for now ~ Meagen

Shopping tomorrow and Blackhead eraser

Hey everyone! So I am really excited for tomorrow, which is technically today cuz its already 3am...I slept in really late today so I guess that explains why I am up so late right now. Anywho I will be going to Sephora and the Mac store tomorrow! I cannot wait! I have already visited both websites and made lists of things I want to purchase so hopefully I can get everything on my wishlist :) So most likely there will be a haul blog up tomorrow or the next day and I am hoping to film a youtube video...but we will see if I can find a good enough camera to film it on.

Okay so I also wanted to talk to you guys about the Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser. I bought it today because basically I have blackheads on my nose, that are really hard to get rid of and I have tried everything so I thought why not give it a shot...what do I have to lose? So after using it only once, it made my nose area slightly red but really smooth and not oily and it left sorta a tingly sensation. So I am going to use it probably about 3 times a week like the directions indicate and go from there. So I will keep the blog updated, maybe once a week and talk about if I notice any less blackheads etc. Here's hoping this is the cure for all blackheads! haha

Alright so I guess that is all I wanted to say for now hope everyone has a great week and hopefully I will be back soon with a haul.

Bye for now ~ Meagen

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm back and a HAUL!!!

Okay so I realize that I have only made one post so far! I am going to try and make posts on more of a regular basis.
So I am slightly obsessed with two songs right now...you know the type of song that you can listen to over and over without getting bored of it. I also am a little biased to the first band "Stereos" because they are from my city, and I know the lead guitar player :) They are all pretty nice to look at as well! So at least check out the eyecandy :)
1. Summer Girl by Stereos
2. Good girls go bad by Cobra Starship feat. Leighton Meester

Go check those songs out if you havent already..they are both on itunes.com...they are so appropriate for summer and really make you want to get up and move and perhaps sing along as well!
Okay so enough about music and onto my haul:
So I bought my first benefit products yesterday and I purchased the Boi~ing industrial strenght concealer in #2, and Hoola bronzing powder.
First off I wanna say that I have wanted both of these products for a very long time but they are very very expensive the concealer was $30 and the Bronzer $38 (CAD) despite the price, they are both excellent products and I think I definately be buying more products from Benefit. That said, I was really impressed with the concealer it covers up anything and everything. I suffer from really red cheeks and it covers it up no problem! The Bronzer has a really matte finish so I generally will wear it in the day, and a more shimmery one for a night out. I wanna do a shout out to the two ladies that convinced me to try benefit and that is LucyMarie85 and Gemsmaquillage they both do youtube videos as well as blogging so go check both of them out!

The next product I got was a Gosh kohl white eyeliner and Gosh waterproof eyeshadow in Love that Beige. I love both of these products, the eyeliner is really soft and so you can use it on your waterline and the eyeshadow is so pigmented, I use it all over my lid especially under the brow bone and it works great as a primer as well as for highlighting. So I highly recommend both of these products as well.

My next purchase was from Revlon: brow fantasy in dark blonde which is basically 2 in 1 brow pencil and gel. This works so well, its very natural too, it doesnt actually look like I have anything on my brows. So if your in need of a brow kit go check this out..its around $10 CAD.
The other product from Revlon that I got was one of my all time favorites I have bought this lipgloss probably for 3 years: Revlon SPF 15 Super lustrous Lipgloss in shine city. I love wearing this gloss over nude lipsticks like Darling from Gosh. It is just a really pale pink with a bit of glitter/shimmer. Very neutral but it really gives a nice finish to lipsticks.

My last purchase was from Rimmel and I got the professional liquid eye liner in ebony black and exaggerate waterproof eye definer in 211 Sable. I got these after the youtuber Snoooflake said they were both really good. I havent tried either of these products yet but once I have I will let you know what I think of them.

So that was my haul, I plan to visit the MAC store soon and get a few things. So I will post that haul as well. Let me know if you guys have any recommendations :)

Bye for now ~ Meagen

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A new beginning

I have decided to start blogging....just like everyone else. However I have the intention of using this blog to share with the world anything and everything. I hope that people will join in and will also share. I want to talk about the world in general, life, everyday events, makeup, shopping hauls, feelings, girl stuff, guy stuff, recipes, technology, travel, random facts........like I said anything and everything. The list is literally endless....and that is what is so great about the world...there is so much to learn and you can never know it all. The more people you talk to the more you know. So the topics of this blog will be really random and all over the place but that is exactly the point.

Check me out on twitter....@meagenc
I am looking to start uploading videos on youtube...doing makeup hauls...but that is my next project.

-someone is admirable when they have seen the world, accept and understand its differences and are a better person because of it.