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Monday, June 29, 2009

Shopping tomorrow and Blackhead eraser

Hey everyone! So I am really excited for tomorrow, which is technically today cuz its already 3am...I slept in really late today so I guess that explains why I am up so late right now. Anywho I will be going to Sephora and the Mac store tomorrow! I cannot wait! I have already visited both websites and made lists of things I want to purchase so hopefully I can get everything on my wishlist :) So most likely there will be a haul blog up tomorrow or the next day and I am hoping to film a youtube video...but we will see if I can find a good enough camera to film it on.

Okay so I also wanted to talk to you guys about the Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser. I bought it today because basically I have blackheads on my nose, that are really hard to get rid of and I have tried everything so I thought why not give it a shot...what do I have to lose? So after using it only once, it made my nose area slightly red but really smooth and not oily and it left sorta a tingly sensation. So I am going to use it probably about 3 times a week like the directions indicate and go from there. So I will keep the blog updated, maybe once a week and talk about if I notice any less blackheads etc. Here's hoping this is the cure for all blackheads! haha

Alright so I guess that is all I wanted to say for now hope everyone has a great week and hopefully I will be back soon with a haul.

Bye for now ~ Meagen

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