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Friday, July 3, 2009

Update -- In's and out's

Hey, so I just thought I would do a quick post. The Blackhead eraser from clean & clear hasn't really made much of a difference so far, although it does feel like it works right after I use it. It gives that intense tingly sensation and my skin feels so smooth, but sadly I dont think I have any less blackheads. I saw on the Ellen show, that you can use white school glue to remove blackheads so I tried that today, and of course it didn't work. So I will continue with the eraser but I am open to any products or remedies that you guys suggest so please let me know.

- new mac products! I am having so much fun creating different looks.
- Summer! I love the warm weather provided the wind dies down long enough.
- Semester break between spring and summer session!
-Gosh darling lipstick

- Summer session starts July 6th...back to studying
- Windy weather!!
- Snob lipstick by mac, if anyone has any ideas about how to tone the pink color down, let me know.
- When someone invites you over to their place to hang out and then while you are there, random ppl start showing up that you don't know and you are forced to listen to their conversations, those of which you cannot partake in because it happened when you weren't around.

Okay that is it guys! Tell me your in's and out's I love hearing them!
Bye for now ~ Meagen

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